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TEDD* TALKS AT ST. BRIDGET Twice a year, we host an innovative lecture series, where we invite guest scholars to engage our community in Theology, Education, Dialogue, and Discernment (TEDD*) Talks with various topics relating to Art & Faith.


RETREATS  We offer full-day, half-day, and multi-day retreats, incorporating various aspects of art and spirituality throughout the year. Retreats feature artists-in-residence and other experts in an extended format that gives participants more in-depth opportunities for prayer, reflection, and exploring creativity.


ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM  Twice a year St. Bridget Parish hosts an Artist-in-Residence.  Artists come from around the country to share their artistic gifts and Catholic spirituality. They engage parishioners in expressing their faith through creating art. The residency culminates in a community art show featuring the works of both parishioners and the artist.

THE ART STUDIO  The Spirituality Center hosts an art studio where we offer art classes, spirituality courses, and retreats. The studio is also available to parishioners and other groups interested in using this space to grow in relationship with God and creativity.


BRIDGET'S PRAYER GARDEN  Our grounds feature a self-guided Garden Prayer Walk that follows the themes taken from the five prayer stones which are placed at St. Bridget’s Garden in Kildare, Ireland. The children and catechists of St. Bridget Parish have created mosaic prayer stones for our Prayer Garden, which communicate the great themes of Bridget’s spirituality, inspiring visitors to promote her charisms (spiritual gifts) for the betterment of today’s world.


JUSTICE VEGETABLE GARDEN  St. Bridget was known for giving the best to those in need; thus, we work to provide fresh vegetables for the local St. Vincent de Paul chapter to deliver to our neighbors in need. We also engage in Garden Education classes to encourage all to grow in gratitude for the land by growing what we eat. 


ROSE GARDEN  Lovingly re-established by members of St. Bridget Parish, the Rose Garden is growing the grace and beauty of the grounds. The garden-tenders participate in monthly meetings with the Rose Society of Arizona.


INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL DIRECTION  An ancient Catholic practice encouraged by Saint Bridget herself.  She was known to say, “Everyone needs an Anam Cara [soul-friend]!”  She encouraged the practice of finding a mentor who is trained in companioning souls to bring forth one’s spiritual growth and fullest potential. Certified Spiritual Directors meet with individuals or form small groups in the prayerful environment of the Spirituality Center.

GROUP SPIRITUAL DIRECTION  We have many opportunities to engage in the practice of Group Spiritual Direction at St. Bridgets. Groups will be organized at the end of October and will be offered for a six-week session beginning in mid-November through Advent. Themes of the groups center around creativity, grief, couples spiritual direction, life-story, growing purpose, and mission. Trained Spiritual Directors facilitate the groups. Group Spiritual Direction is a wonderful way to grow in listening to God's presence within while opening new doors to growth and transformation. Supportive Christian friendships are a wonderful outcome. Information on offerings will be available in the Spring.


“Contemplative life does not have to be seen as a special vocation reserved for some special souls only; it is open to all, and all are invited to enjoy it. You do not have to be in special circumstances to practice it because it consists not so much in what you do as in the attitude and the perspective in which your ordinary actions are performed. It is a life of wonder. The contemplative is one who looks around at the world and marvels at reality.” ~ Beatrice Bruteau


CENTERING PRAYER  All are welcome to practice this method of letting go ~ Centering Prayer is a 20-minute "resting in God", who dwells within. It is a receptive method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, prayer in which we experience God’s presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself. This method of prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship. Groups meet on Wednesdays at 9am in the Spirituality Center and at 6:30pm in the St. Bridget Parish Chapel.


SILENT RETREAT SERIES  Contemplative Outreach hosts Silent Retreat Series which meet once a week with over an 18-week period. Contemplative silence is observed with four 30 minutes prayer sits, teachings on contemplative life, walks in the Prayer Garden, silent mealtimes, and Lectio Divina. Participants must attend an Introductory Day to Centering Prayer, follow-up sessions, and have had at least one year of Centering Prayer practice.


St. Bridget Spiritual Life Ministry offers opportunities for prayer and spiritual growth.


BIBLE STUDY  Individuals and groups grow their relationship with God by training their ears to hear the Word of God and receive that Word deeply in their hearts. Groups meet during the Fall and Spring on Tuesdays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 9am.


LENTEN SOUP & SPIRIT SERIES  In Lent we offer a wonderful opportunity to grow in understanding of Catholic Spirituality.  We gather on Thursday evenings in the Spirituality Center from 5:30-7:00pm beginning with a nourishing soup dinner that connects with the topic of learning for the night.  In past years we have explored the spirituality of Catholic saints to glean from them practices, inspiration, and mission to aid us in growing our own prayer lives and the spirituality and mission of our parish community. This year, we will be exploring different pathways in growing our relationship with God and how it connects with growing parish ministries through prayer and service. At all sessions, a document of the church will be explored that aids to guide and inspire us in our life in the church and to grow service to the greater community.


ADVENT & LENT SILENT SATURDAYS  Silent Saturdays offer a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the Catholic Liturgical Seasons. The day is organized around four teachings followed by prayer walks and preceded by centering prayer. Each section of the morning is 20 mins. It is a wonderful way to grow in receptivity to God's grace along with learning opportunities taught by local clergy and scholars. The theme of each retreat offers prayer and preparation to enter into the liturgical season with a centered appreciation.


The Spirituality Center hosts a wonderful library of books, CD’s, and DVD’s on Spirituality, Prayer, and Sacred Art. Resources are available for check-out or may be enjoyed on the premises.

Located around the corner from St. Bridget Catholic Church 

St. Bridget Spirituality Center  2846 E. Lockwood St.  Mesa, AZ  85213 

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