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Diane Saunders

Program Director Spirituality Center &

Faith Formation Consultant, St. Bridget Catholic Church

Diane Saunders has built her career as a visionary leader within the Catholic community. Most recently, she has created an innovative new family faith formation curriculum, Living Grace; initiated a collaboration of spirituality centers, Spiritual Direction Rising; and developed cutting-edge Art & Spirituality programs to engage diverse populations in opportunities to embrace and express their faith and spirituality through art.


Diane takes every opportunity, both personally and professionally, to share her passion for art, nature, and scholarship to ignite passion and purpose in others. She believes that each person must embrace their own God-given talents and abilities to advance the Kingdom of God and transform the world. She is fueled by her conviction that it is our responsibility to pass on this knowledge and hope to future generations.


Diane holds a Masters in Theology and Education from Boston College, and post-graduate training in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction. She is a world traveler, lifelong learner, and has built a rich and meaningful family life through her vocation as a wife, mother of five, and grandmother of six amazing children. Diane treasures the incarnational nature of the family as a primary source of grace and joy.

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