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Centering Prayer: Grow in Grace & Strength

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

St. Bridget Spirituality Center presents a 4-part Online Lecture Series on Centering Prayer: Calling forth an Ancient Prayer Practice of Catholicism to Grow in Grace & Strength in our Contemporary Times

Each speaker offers a 20-30 minute video on a various aspect of Centering Prayer:


“A Deeper Intimacy with God” with Kathy Kramer Howe

Kathy has been with Contemplative Outreach of Phoenix since its inception in 1992. She is a retired bereavement counselor for Hospice of the Valley. Her current passion is poetry.

“The Welcome Prayer: Inviting the Presence of God into everyday Moments”

with David Dierig

Dave lives and works in Phoenix as a plant geneticist. He serves on the Contemplative Outreach Team for Phoenix and International Teams with the Welcoming Prayer and 12 Step Outreach programs.

“Centering Prayer and Healing of the Unconscious“

with Fr. Scott Brubaker

Fr. Scott has served as Pastor of St. Bridget for the last 18 years. He was formerly Director of Liturgy, Diocese of Phoenix, and has served as President of the Southwest Liturgical Conference.

“Centering Prayer as Path to our Deepest and Most Authentic Self”

with Carole Whittaker, PhD

Carole teaches at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Christian spirituality and Centering Prayer. With a PhD in chemistry, she has worked in university education and agricultural development.

Click HERE to view playlist of the presentations on YouTube.


St. Bridget Spirituality Center is a center for Art & Spirituality in the Catholic Contemplative Tradition. It is a unique gathering space, created to foster a Culture of Encounter - an encounter with one another, with sacred ideas and practices, and with the beauty of art and nature.

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